New Year



This weekend my Mom and I flew down to Biloxi, Mississippi for a quick New Year vacation to release some tension, gamble at the casinos, and reset after a long year of hard work. My Mom is literally the funniest woman I know and we don't really get to bond as much as we did growing up. This actually our first time flying together. We're both very private people, and keep to ourselves; probably something that rubbed off throughout the years, but this trip has really been fun letting lose of all our stress and sharing our life experiences so far from different perspectives. Learning about one another and laughing at our low points throughout the years. Thats my Big homie for real. Plus she's lady luck, we were in the casino 5 minutes and she won $350. Were here until Wednesday taking advantage of all the comps and attractions that Biloxi has to offer. Great times with my OG.


Ive always saw my mom as a bestfiend first before a parent or authority figure. She's always treated me as an equal in our household not really the norm but it has always been nothing but love and encouragement. Even to this day, she makes little post on Facebook supporting and bragging on me, or giving me advice, or reminiscing on great times.

This is the latest FB post below. Gotta love ya moms thats the only one ya got.