When designing I like to repurpose garments and bring life to something people would usually disregard. You’d be surprised how many pairs of vintage US Army Issue fatigues i come across thrifting. Seeing those and being the rebel I am, I figured why not customize a few pair. The Juxtaposition of using Camoflauge and Applying large logos to stand out is a trick I picked up failing out of art classes in college. Crazy right, because I love art but being in Baltimore by 8am coming from Upper Marlboro daily was a task so I took attendance L’s every semester 🤷🏽‍♂️. Anyway; taking something like camofluage, normally used to hide, and printing undeniably huge logos over it to pop out at first glance. The urge to stare is almost undeniable.  The Camo blends but the logos jump at you!


I guess I did learn a thing or two at Morgan...

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Few weeks ago I had the chance of styling/shooting with long time friend/Model Kitrea aka @KKoutureking with my bro's Jordan (@OffGarde) and Reek (@RenaissanceReek). Arguably the best up and coming photographer in the DMV, Jordan has been killing the club scene shooting celebs and every concert with an impeccable eye for details and with the proper tools I see him going global with this soon. Reek has always been my favorite videographer and just keeps the vibe genuine, thats a given though we're family. [Visuals coming soon!]. Anyways heres some of the shots of Kitrea in the Little Giants "IceBox" Jersey and some Custom Camo Shorts I made on set. She filled them out properly lol.