GoonMilkTV vol.9 Bottle Girls Swimshoot Edition


With the help of my new business partner, Tiara stepping in and taking over the Women’s devision of GoonMilk. “Bottle Girls” Swim and Activewear launches this month! Full of Attitude and Sex Appeal the Bottle Girls’ line isn’t for the weak and timid. Show off your assets and be confident in everything you do wearing our Apparel and don’t forget to keep it Street!


Full Line Dropping Late August!

Special thanks to @SpacelySprockets for pulling up with the Clean old school Regal, My photographers Chuck+Jade, Jordan, and Scoob! and Most importantly my models Niki, Kita, Paige, Christina, and Sabriya for making the shoot fun and lively in that heat!




When designing I like to repurpose garments and bring life to something people would usually disregard. You’d be surprised how many pairs of vintage US Army Issue fatigues i come across thrifting. Seeing those and being the rebel I am, I figured why not customize a few pair. The Juxtaposition of using Camoflauge and Applying large logos to stand out is a trick I picked up failing out of art classes in college. Crazy right, because I love art but being in Baltimore by 8am coming from Upper Marlboro daily was a task so I took attendance L’s every semester 🤷🏽‍♂️. Anyway; taking something like camofluage, normally used to hide, and printing undeniably huge logos over it to pop out at first glance. The urge to stare is almost undeniable.  The Camo blends but the logos jump at you!


I guess I did learn a thing or two at Morgan...

I digress, go cop these right now in the GoonMilk SHOP!  

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Not many people know about the early days of GoonMilk, Countless hours at Jordan and Jimmy's Apartment mulling over what direction to go in with my brand. Bouncing Ideas off Jordan and Jimmy, smoking out of god awful cigarillos, and drinking brews trying to figure life out. Not knowing what was to come to fruition 5 years later. Looking back I owe it to my Guys to give some of the spotlight Saturday to Jordan and Jimmy. Not because its also their birthday weekend; Jimmy the 13th and Jordan the 14th, but because I couldn't be where I am today without my dogs. And to see them flourishing in their respected crafts, Jimmy DJ'ing and Jordan picking up photography.


It's almost like we built up these brands together, and to be in this moment 5 years later still grinding and doing what we want, when we want, how we want, with god given talents. I gotta express how grateful I am to know these guys and watch them grow and help me grow. Saturday is so much more than just some party. This 5 year Anniversary is a culmination of hard work, and unwavering faith that we would make something out of ourselves. 

So shouts go out to them!  


If you haven't already gotten your ticket for the GoonMilk 5th year Anniversary Party and Fashion Show, Sorry all Free tickets have been sold out. But you can Sign up for our GoonMilk Newsletter for the Password and purchase a $5 donation ticket here. 



This past throwback Thursday I went as far back in my iNstagram as I could and kind of reminisced ok everything I’ve done in the IG age... yes the IG age, our time has been broken down into social media ages instead of years or centuries... right now we’re in the IG age, the age before was twitter, yes it’s still here but we’re about to go into the Live age where everything is recorded live.


Anyways I digress, I came across a old pic of me on 106th and Park in Tabi Bonney’s video TOHL (Time Of Her Life) feat. Fat Trel. Now I owe this occurrence to my girl at the time who was actually casted for the video I was just there for her ride to and from, ended up staying the entire shoot each day and finessed my way into a party scene thanks to Tabi and Director 6 so shoutout to those guys... I say all this to get to the point that I’ve been behind the scenes for years now like a fly on the wall soaking up game. The things I speak on are factual because I was there I can tell you first hand how a video shoot is supposed to go, I’ve been to magazine shoots, I’ve been in the studio with niggas like glizzy, trel, lightshow way before the world knew DC had talent. Feeling like I’m a staple in the game. #YouWasntThere 



I've been on a shooting spree the last couple days and this time I had back up! @MilansSavage is a beast behind that camera lens! She killed our shoot with Ced Tuesday at this old broken down warehouse we found off Georgia Ave. Tim styled and I recorded the masterpiece Im editing at this very moment.

Enjoy the flicks and shoutsout to @MilansSavage for this Fire!