Couple weeks ago I got to shoot with long time friend and high school classmate Shaun Jones who has built her brand Memory Lane photography from the ground up, straight out the mud. This being our third time working together I felt it was time we stepped it up a notch and found the perfect location for my Private Stock apparel shoot. Many may not know but the National Harbor is now the host of retired US Presidential Private Jet, “Air Force One”. When I found out I already envisioned the shoot and honestly couldn’t have dreamed it up any better than these photos came out. Shoutout to YB for modeling and Amber for coming thru in the clutch with the assist and prop gun!

Also I made a few Motion Graphics that came out pretty clean as well but you can check those out on our IG feed.



Fuckin wit trump bitch ass we all gon be rocking these joints soon enough...

I designed this like my version of the end of Get Rich or Die Trying when 50 came out on stage in the Bulletproof vest, always wanted one since then. And since every one in this area is wearing satchels and fanny packs, and chest rigs like they're bulletproof vests why not just make one myself and sell the people what they really want. that street shit, no filter. this is what Goonmilk is all about. who can make a bulletproof vest look cool? who can take something so negative like a nigga having to wear a bulletproof vest and make it fashionable? I can and I will. Sad to say these are the times where you actually need one being a black man in america, or just being in america period.

Stay Dangerous.

Vests will be Available for purchase soon in Private Stock!

(sidebar: no they are not actually bulletproof. don't do no dumb shit and blame it on GoonMilk, this is fashion.)

The shoot location was dope, two old school lincoln limos sitting out front of a old bando/mufler shop.

My guy MegaMan @shoot_n_my_shot on IG is the photographer.

designed/styled/modeled/directed by Avante D. Davis

Shoes by Adidas Y3



I ended my 2017 doing what I said I would at the end 2016, Styling. This year has been a manifestation of many things, but Styling came to fruition rather hastily and I can not be more proud of my growth and experience in Styling. It feels so good accomplishing goals and reflecting on how you got there. The connections made, the knowledge gained, the mistakes, everything seems so minuscule in comparison to the finished product but it all adds up. I put the work in and paid the cost to be the Boss.

This past weekend I styled a shoot with Amber and her friend Maxine for some unreleased GoonMilk Private Stock Items in preparation and promotion for my 5th year Goonmilk Anniversary Fashion Show/Party. Androgynous looks that when styled correctly can be worn by either men or women. using hoodies, the Hockey jersey, and camouflage pants as the focus of the shoot. Take a look at the shots below!

A lot of times Women ask me "Well why don't you make women clothes?" Honest answer is that I need help, a woman's perspective and a manager of said women's line first before i take on that type of responsibility, but this year may be the year of the first GoonMilk Women's line. Stay Tuned! 



This past throwback Thursday I went as far back in my iNstagram as I could and kind of reminisced ok everything I’ve done in the IG age... yes the IG age, our time has been broken down into social media ages instead of years or centuries... right now we’re in the IG age, the age before was twitter, yes it’s still here but we’re about to go into the Live age where everything is recorded live.


Anyways I digress, I came across a old pic of me on 106th and Park in Tabi Bonney’s video TOHL (Time Of Her Life) feat. Fat Trel. Now I owe this occurrence to my girl at the time who was actually casted for the video I was just there for her ride to and from, ended up staying the entire shoot each day and finessed my way into a party scene thanks to Tabi and Director 6 so shoutout to those guys... I say all this to get to the point that I’ve been behind the scenes for years now like a fly on the wall soaking up game. The things I speak on are factual because I was there I can tell you first hand how a video shoot is supposed to go, I’ve been to magazine shoots, I’ve been in the studio with niggas like glizzy, trel, lightshow way before the world knew DC had talent. Feeling like I’m a staple in the game. #YouWasntThere