Does your Apparel make you a Target for Police Brutality?

This past Saturday at The Carryout Pop Up Shop I found myself amidst a great debate between my brother Mo, and the Capital District owner. Topic being whether or not what you're wearing entices police brutality. Both giving substantial points; Freedom of Speech and the relinquishing of fear of offending those who seek to harm us anyway whether we have a Fuck 12 tee on or a suit, and the prose of simply asking for a police ass whipping with a vulgar disrespectful shirt choice. This debate went on for a hour or so to the point everyone there had chimed in with their own opinions but mostly a lot of "Fuck 12's". Fact of the matter is, and this is no offense to the older big homie in the discussion, but the youth aren't afraid of repercussions especially when its something they strongly believe in. At the moment its anti-authoritative because our authority figures have been fucking us over and killing us on the daily. I see people fed up (pun intended) and willing to make the people in power feel uncomfortable whether it be tees, physically protesting, or building a brand in protest, I support all of that. Am I wearing a Fuck 12 tee to court? Hell nah.

Anyway, heres a clip from the Great Debate... Enjoy.