Pop Up Shop

420 Breakfast at Night Pop Up

This Saturday 4/20 GoonMilk will be hosting a pop up shop on H st at Twelve Lounge with Reggie Promo and the Breakfast at Night crew! Custom Tee shirt workshop as well as some of our Private Stock items for sale. Free Breakfast buffet all night with RSVP, as well as Hookah and Drink Specials all night. What better way to end your 420 night than free food and with the dopest clothing brand in the world!

Pull up with your custom shirt ideas and watch me work in real time creating your ideas into reality with t shirts!

Plus its 420 come enjoy the vibe!


pULL uP pOP oUT!

Big Chief This Saturday!

Its a celebration!

After the month Ive had its Time...  

We gonna turn up and give the people what they want! Ive got a new house, new job, and new car(possibly still in negotiations) to celebrate!

Life is Good and I'm Triple Blessed to be in this position.

Shoutouts to my good man @TeejSmoothdude for the plug and flyer! 

10pm-3am Saturday June 30th!

Tickets HERE!




Does your Apparel make you a Target for Police Brutality?

This past Saturday at The Carryout Pop Up Shop I found myself amidst a great debate between my brother Mo, and the Capital District owner. Topic being whether or not what you're wearing entices police brutality. Both giving substantial points; Freedom of Speech and the relinquishing of fear of offending those who seek to harm us anyway whether we have a Fuck 12 tee on or a suit, and the prose of simply asking for a police ass whipping with a vulgar disrespectful shirt choice. This debate went on for a hour or so to the point everyone there had chimed in with their own opinions but mostly a lot of "Fuck 12's". Fact of the matter is, and this is no offense to the older big homie in the discussion, but the youth aren't afraid of repercussions especially when its something they strongly believe in. At the moment its anti-authoritative because our authority figures have been fucking us over and killing us on the daily. I see people fed up (pun intended) and willing to make the people in power feel uncomfortable whether it be tees, physically protesting, or building a brand in protest, I support all of that. Am I wearing a Fuck 12 tee to court? Hell nah.

Anyway, heres a clip from the Great Debate... Enjoy.

dAY 2


Saturday December 2nd, 2017.

Day 2 of no social media was not as bad as I thought it would be, having a pop up and not being able to post on social media about it. Instead I sent out texts to endless people and doubled up on Email blasts. Getting back to actually reaching out to people instead of relying on others to see an IG post or Tweet. 

The Pop Up was dope, a lot of creative minds and entrepreneurs trying to get their brands off the ground. I used to get excited for pop ups but now it’s strictly business and trying to be as professional as possible. Engaging with the potential customers and handing out endless business cards and stickers.  

Got some great footage and Jordan came by and got some shots of me in Entrepreneur mode. Made a few sales and networked with a few other brands, so it was definitely a success. Shoutout to the Carryout for having me and my brand. And a huge thank you to those who came out and gave their time or money towards the brand. Support is always appreciated. 

Recap video will drop soon! 

dAY 1

Day 1.

First day without social media was actually a breeze, I thought I would at least have to look up a number and re download IG or something but nah not even an ounce of social media withdrawal in the first 24 hours. I spent the majority of the day out in the city shooting some new outerwear I've been working on.


Staying busy and reaching out to people is key. I have a pop Up Shop tomorrow at The Carryout DC, Its a new retail/Event space on Rhode Island Avenue. Almost directly across the Street from The Museum Shop another of my favorite local black owned businesses giving the city more Art, Fashion, Culture and Opportunities. The Carryout gives a "street" vibe in my opinion. A more underground feel to it, being just opening, and actually resembles something close to a DC carryout, a staple in any DC hood. The space is intimate but big enough for a Pop up to be poppin'. Tomorrow should definitely be a good time and I hope some of you G.O.O.N.S. make it out. Got some dope custom made pieces available and some old favorites. 


Private Stock Pop Up

2209 Rhode Island Avenue Washington DC

Saturday December 2nd 2017 6-10pm