Morgan State University

10 Year Challenge

Stumbled on an old Vlog post I made on Facebook 10 years ago in college.

Bape G shocks and SB’s oh what a time to be alive!

Its funny I see these videos and think about how these things are coming back in style and how I was so enamored with following trends back then. Its wild how much money I wasted and where I was getting it from to do so. Times have definitely changed.



When designing I like to repurpose garments and bring life to something people would usually disregard. You’d be surprised how many pairs of vintage US Army Issue fatigues i come across thrifting. Seeing those and being the rebel I am, I figured why not customize a few pair. The Juxtaposition of using Camoflauge and Applying large logos to stand out is a trick I picked up failing out of art classes in college. Crazy right, because I love art but being in Baltimore by 8am coming from Upper Marlboro daily was a task so I took attendance L’s every semester 🤷🏽‍♂️. Anyway; taking something like camofluage, normally used to hide, and printing undeniably huge logos over it to pop out at first glance. The urge to stare is almost undeniable.  The Camo blends but the logos jump at you!


I guess I did learn a thing or two at Morgan...

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Today after finishing up another awesome interview with @TheMorningWave Baltimore Radio Podcast, I decided to head up Morgan to hand out some stickers and business cards on their first day of classes. I miss my old college days up there and hadn't even noticed until today. Morgan was instrumental in the building of GoonMilk and my personal growth as a designer, and overall person, so visiting always brings back great memories of Wild nights and missed classes... And oh yeah there was an eclipse today... Kind of felt surreal being on campus on the first day of school and theres another natural phenomenon happening. Last time there was an earthquake on my birthday, first day of classes, before I dropped out to pursue my own Business. Maybe this is a sign for great things to come. Anyways I linked up with lil bro @LifeBehindTheScope and got some great footage that I chopped up for promo purposes.

Check it out Here.